Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Play That Funky Music and All That Jazz

It began as an art activity. The Monday/Wednesday children gathered around mural paper and drew with pastels while instrumental jazz was played in the background, but something happened when the teacher switched the music to jazz with funky deep beats.  Bodies started wiggling, a few kids began waving their hands in the air and a few stood up and danced.  A spontaneous dance party had begun.  And when one of the children picked up a hand drum and played it, the dancers froze. Our dance party turned into a game of freeze dance. What better way to begin a Friday afternoon?!  I thought it would be interesting to try the same activity with our Tuesday/Thursday class.  As you can see, when the funky deep jazz beats began playing, bottoms began wiggling and another dance party was born. Enjoy these five little snippets of your amazing, creative, joyful kids!

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